Watch me! Watch Us! we’re cyclist on the road! We own the road! We pay our taxes, while those on metal cage pay the same taxes. This is my road and I’m using it. I’m not scared to those highschool girl on matic motorcycle, nor those Bus. The more I’m arrogant, the more they trying to get away from me, so be surly. Let your hand spreading as far as you can when signaling! Let them see you!

Aah, there a red light. could we just run pass it? No we can’t. Just put your hand to the light post, or a car right of you. Get posed. Never smile except to other cyclist. Poised: I don’t need to put my feet down. Race the bus full of dumb still people, weave through the traffic and pop out at the front, sail past a bus stop full of people who stare like cattle. Any how, just keep slipstreaming behind those sport-criuser motorcycles. Keep your blinkies intimidating.

They honk at you? Give the finger! Shout and swear. Just fill yourself with hatred and anger, it was fueling all of my ride. Those honking, stagnating, fuming, stupid, and stagnating motorist is hapless as ride thruogh the queue

Anything else? Ride like a lunatic!

See how you look. Let your three quarter tucked right pants show off my calf muscles, while your forearms run tense into your gloves. I take my hands off the bars and put ‘em behind my back, hitch my ass up on the saddle and rest an elbow on my knee.

Ride, ride, ride, and be exhibitionist. It’s all good, however you ride: just be a rider. Ride right up to the door and park your bike there. Don’t heve a kickstand and there’s no where to attach your bike? Park it up-side down. Ride in the pissing rain, who cares?! Come in sweating; leave your trouser-leg tucked into your sock. Leave your helmet indoors. Ride with pride, and let everybody see it.