You know porn movies? I wonder what it meant most of Indonesian teenager, especially the boy. If they could answer anonimously I think they would said that it is some sort of need or something dear to them. Most of my friend can’t imagine world without pornography.

But not me. I don’t like it.

I got embarassed about a year ago when my friend discuss it with me. He told me that even his very-very zealous friend save some movies in his PC. Hidden in unconspicious folder. Then he talk to the girls, “even Adit himself save it.” I just said that I don’t have one, even watch it is not pleased me. “You’re abnormal then.”

“D!@#>*?K!” I said it to myself silently.

I am normal guy. I love girls. I’d love to see them naked. But there is something about porn movies that disgust me. And Carlin just tell it straightforwardly in his joke.

I don’t like porn movies. They piss me off. First they show a great-looking naked women who starts playing with herself. And while I’m watching she’s sort of becomes my girlfriend. And then suddenly, in walks a guy with a big dick, and he starts fucking my girlfriend. It pisses me off.

I don’t know wether this is a honest feeling came out from him or just another throw about jokes. But that’s it is. It piss me off. I may love when I watch the porn “star” play with herself. But it’s never enough, I want more. I want a penetration. but I can’t bear if another man is about to show his prick in front of me. I want to penetrate her myself!

Hell, am I jealous? May be. Is that normal? Think about that yourself.

About a week ago one of my friend, a twenty years old girl, asked me “what is oral sex?” I said “it’s best you don’t know that yet.” Of course I could explain what is oral sex, or what is fellatio, cunnilingus or other sort of sexual activities involving mouth. But I’m just not very comfortable to speak about that to a girl.